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Consulting and Training throughout UK and Europe

Business Consulting

Improve alignment between your business goals and your culture, policies and procedures

Actionable insights and effective techniques for discovering, defining, and deploying business strategy.

Draw on my experience of managing growth, from small teams to multi-million-pound operations. Receive a tailored programme of theory and practice, including:

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Cynefin Framework

  • GE/BCG Mulitfactoral Analysis

  • Kanban scheduling

  • Kano Model

  • Lean Processes

  • Porter's Five Forces

  • Principled Negotiation

  • Wardley Maps

Other services include:

  • Management coaching at all levels up to C*O

  • Buy- and sell-side consulting for public and private procurement exercises

  • Taking on Non Executive Director roles in support of effective leadership in technology businesses.

Agile Coach

Practical help in winning the benefits of Lean and Agile product and system development

Pro-active hands-on coaching for all roles:

  • Product Managers

  • Product Owners

  • Development Managers

  • ScrumMasters

  • Technical roles, including development, dev/ops, testing

Draw on my experience of managing and coaching cross-functional teams in the public and private sectors, in domains including:

  • Retail Banking

  • Treasury and Trading

  • General Insurance

  • Mobile Data

  • GIS

  • End-user Mobile Apps

  • B2B

  • Heavy Industry

  • Sensors, telematics and automation

  • Medical Devices

Experienced with effective Lean and Agile development within ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 accredited quality systems; PRINCE 2 organisations; and also MiFID, Basle 2 and SOX compliant environments.

Call, email, or message me today to discuss how I can help you.

Technical Consulting

Tools, Techniques, Know-how

Working as am embedded member of your product or service development team to enhance their capability by applying and sharing up to more than twenty years' experience with techniques and practices, including:

  • Domain Driven Design

  • Test-Driven Development

  • Pair programming

  • Mob Programming

  • Automated Testing or Checking

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Retrospective Facilitation

  • Continuous Integration

  • Dev/Ops

  • Specification by Example

  • Story Mapping

  • Broadband Delphi Forecasting

  • 3-point and Monte Carlo estimating (and when not to)

Non Executive Director

Advice, Support, Constructive Challenge

As a NED on your Board providing constructive critique, fresh perspectives and ideas drawn from many years as both an Executive Director in professional services and a Non Executive in property management. Relevant qualifications and experience include:

  • Member of the Institute of Directors

  • Hold the Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction

  • Have held Board level P+L responsibility for operations worth in the 10s of millions of pounds

  • Have taken part in business relocations

  • Have taken part in opening new branch offices of established businesses

  • Advisor to founders of social enterprises

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